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Garnet Blatchford, M.D.


Garnet grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.  Her interest in horses began at a young age, spending as much time with her uncle's ponies as possible and accompanying her father to the the AK-SAR-BEN racetrack.

Following graduation from medical school, she was finally able to purchase her first horse, "Dandy".  He was in need of significant training which led to meeting her future husband and professional horse trainer Dave Arington (pictured on the right). 

Dandy turned out to be her horse of a lifetime, and they qualified for the AQHA World Show together in breakaway calf roping.  Unfortunately, Garnet was never able to compete at the world show due to the arrival of her twins, Hannah and Thomas.

Garnet was a surgeon in the Omaha area for over 30 years, retiring at the end of 2023.    She enjoys spending time with her family, trail riding, and competing in carriage driving events.

Senior Picture Hannah Arington.jpg

Hannah Arington


Hannah grew up with horses and was involved in 4-H, competing in nearly every event.  Her favorites were pole-bending and barrel racing.

Hannah became interested in veterinary science and equine nutrition after her childhood pony "Blaze" underwent colic surgery, and later as he aged and struggled with health issues.  

In 2017, Hannah graduated with an Animal Science degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She worked in the Quality Assurance department at a major animal pharmaceutical company for several years before transferring to a human health survey company.  She's published multiple articles and contributed to publications such as Equine Wellness Magazine. 

Her free time is spent playing with her dogs, riding, reading the latest equine research, and helping manage vaccinations and de-worming schedules for the horses at her father Dave's business: Arington Training Stable.

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